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Application of ZigBee module in electronic label picking system

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What is the electronic label picking system

With the development of science and technology, e-commerce, and intelligent technology, the logistics industry is constantly introducing intelligent equipment, and "smart logistics" has emerged. As a warehousing and logistics center, picking is very important and has high cost and error-prone operations. Its efficiency and accuracy greatly affect the company¡¯s service quality. Therefore, the electronic label picking system is fast taking into account labor costs and work efficiency. Has been introduced and used in large numbers.

The electronic tag picking system replaces the picking list with a series of electronic display devices (electronic tags) installed on the shelf positions. The electronic tags indicate the items and quantities that should be picked to assist the pickers to effectively reduce picking errors. The purpose of speeding up picking speed, improving work efficiency, and rationally arranging pickers¡¯ walking routes. The electronic label picking system is shown in Figure 1.

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