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Progress in research on sand lizard visual communication

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It is understood that the curly tail signal is an important way for male and female Qinghai sand lizards to communicate. Previous studies have found that the male curly tail signal has a territorial defense function, and can reflect the social status information of the male, but the function of the female curly tail signal is still very unclear. For female Qinghai sand lizards, nei***or males are an important reproductive resource, because nei***or males are not only potential mates, but also assist them in territorial defense. Therefore, females are likely to guard nei***or males.

Research has found that the lord female sand lizard will adjust the signal response to invading females according to nei***ors. Regardless of the mating season or the non-mating season, when the nei***or male is present, the lord female will quickly signal to the invading female; at the same time, when the nei***or male is present during the mating season, the lord female¡¯s curling signal speed to the invading female will be significant accelerate.

Based on the above results, the researchers believe that the strong curly tail signal of the female Qinghai sand lizard has a spouse guard function. This study found for the first time in the animal kingdom that dynamic visual signals have a spouse guard function, and also showed that the evolution of female dynamic visual signals has undergone a process of sexual selection. The research results deepen the understanding of animal dynamic visual signal functions and provide a theoretical basis for the perfection of sexual selection theory.

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