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What are the advantages of smart thermostats

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What is a smart thermostat? Today, the editor will briefly talk about it. In daily life, are you still worrying about choosing a brand-name thermostat? In fact, it is very simple. It is very necessary to choose a good thermostat. Here is a brief introduction to you. What are the advantages of Gerlan thermostat? Feature 1: Global water drop screen design, and won the German IF Design Award. The entire LCD screen is an LED pearl lamp formed by 167 water droplets, showing the indoor temperature through the light and shade of the water droplets. Feature 2: Touchable. This thermostat is ergonomically designed and adopts infrared induction. When the palm is close to the LCD screen with a width of 8cm, the LCD screen will automatically wake up without looking for a touch button, making it more user-friendly. Feature three: remote control by mobile phone. Feature 4: Black and white minimalist shell design, looks beautiful and generous.

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