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Machine Vision and Robot Communication

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Connectivity and networking are key
For vision and ID applications, connectivity is very important. It is a way to share data, support decision-making, and achieve efficient and integrated processes. After networking, the vision system can transmit the "pass/fail" results to the computer for further analysis, or directly to the PLC, robots and other factory automation equipment of the integrated process control system.
If you need to connect vision and ID systems to an enterprise-level programmable controller, it is important to find a system that supports a complete set of standard networking protocols.  TCP/IP: The client/server allows the vision and ID system to easily share the result data with other systems and control devices via Ethernet without any code development.  DNS (Domain Name Server) allows you to assign a meaningful name to each visual or ID system, such as "Filling Line System 1", instead of using a numeric IP address.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) allows you to view each image that needs to be stored on the network for subsequent analysis.
Telnet is an Internet standard protocol, which can realize remote login and connection from the host device.
DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) allows the vision or ID system to automatically receive the server's network IP address, achieving true plug-and-play capability.

 SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), after a problem occurs in the production line, you can immediately receive e-mails or phone calls on your computer.
To integrate vision and ID systems into a factory¡¯s PLC, robot, or automation device, you need to find a system that supports the following protocols:
The industrial Ethernet protocol allows you to connect the most popular PLCs and other devices through the Ethernet cable, without complicated wiring schemes and expensive network gateways

Ethernet protocol, such as:
Fieldbus network. A protocol gateway accessory is usually needed to add the vision or ID system to the fieldbus network.
RS-232 and RS-485 serial protocols. Used to communicate with most robot controllers.

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