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OV9782 USB3.0 Camera module Global color exposure
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Product Name£º OV9782 USB3.0 Camera module Global color exposure
Product Model£º CR-U3898
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1.Product features
1£ºHigh performance1/4 inch industrial 1 megapixel color COMS Sensor;
2£ºTransmission speed reaches 5GB / s under USB3.0, the YUV frame rate can be increased to 1280 * 720 / 120fps
3£ºThe pixel size of 3.0 m x 3.0 m OmniPixel3-GS™ technology£¬enables the product tohave excellent infrared
performance and high-speed global exposure characteristics
4£ºMaximum resolution 1280x720 up to 120fps transmission rate;
5£ºHigh performance advanced digital signal processor and excellent algorithm support;
6:The ultra-high frame rate effect is ideal for machine vision and consumer HMD£»
7:Support the UVC architecture, compatible with Windows XP / 7/8.1/10 / vista/seven/Mac linux2.6.2 (include UVC) a variety of systems;
8:Minimum configuration of the platform: CPU 1.7ghz 512MB memory 40GB hard disk XP SP2 system
9:Stable operation in a wide temperature range from -30¡æ to +70¡æ
10:Less than 1.5W ultra-low power consumption£»
11:Equipment name manufacturers PID,VID and other description information diversification customization
12:Support microphone, support UVC, support OTG function
13:Professional usb-if WHQL ROHS CE (4KV/8KV) certification;
14:According to different operating systems, provide secondary development interface functions and SDK development
15:According to the specific needs, to undertake customized research and development design;

2. Camera features:
       Support USB3.0 and USB2.0 interface;
       Support fixed focus;
       Support signal output format YUV2 and Mjpeg signals;
       Support the highest resolution of 1920 * 720 up to 120FPS;
      Lens users can freely match; support single and double digital MIC;
       Support UVC protocol, support free drive, provide secondary development interfaces such as SDK and API
       Support Windows, Android, Linux and other operating systems;

3. Application areas:

1. Motion detection application;
2. Trajectory tracking application;
3. 3D and VR virtual reality applications;
4. UAV and robot obstacle avoidance applications;
5. Barcode scanning application;
6. Industrial camera application;
7. Logistics and smart warehousing detection applications;
8. Robot and machine vision applications;
9. 3D and 3D structured light face recognition camera;
10. Fatigue driving application;
11. Detection and identification of the cash register system of the vending machine;
12. Scanning and detection of unmanned supermarket goods

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